Only in a relationship with TIME : SPACE exists.
Time makes all existence possible.

The greatest asset anyone can possess is time and space. Life happens not only in space, but also in Time. Therefore, true wellbeing in life is a delicate balance between Time:Space.

Inspired by Relativity theory, Time:Space Asset aim to craft the delicate balance between TIME:SPACE on undervalued, unique lots in Urban Districts.

The greatest asset that a soul can own is time and space.

Life takes place not only in space but also in time. Therefore,
TIME:SPACE aims to craft the delicate balance between time and space.

Space varies in time, therefore,
Space should be flexible,
To cater for Life filled with
choices and possibilities.

Space that

knows you,
protects you.
cares for you.

More than properties, Time:Space delivers,
Most valuable Assets, Wellbeing,
And Relationships that lasts a lifetime.

Artist Collection