Back to 1950s, Fernando and Maddalena De Padova began their importing Scandinavian furniture business at the store in Milan. This was the historic mark of bringing Northern Europe to Italy. In other word, it is the revolution that has had impacted permanently on our ways of living. Today, De Padova represents ‘Made in Italy’ as its quality and aesthetic is something cannot be compromised.

Étiquette is the latest outdoor collection, inspired by Scandinavian design with superior Italian craftsmanship. The furnishings consist of a sofa, pouf, and armchairs. Making of matte black painted stainless steel with a water-repellent fabric and a natural teak bar, Étiquette is a refined combination of aestheticism and function. This exceptional design expresses its simplicity yet revealing splendid solution to establish a space.

“The structure is typically Scandinavian in style and evokes the strong ties and passion cultivated between De Padova and Nordic design from the 1950s.”—GamFratesi designer of Étiquette Outdoor collection

De Padova always seeks for high quality rather than temporary fashion. Thus, it can create stylistic furnishings which tend to be appreciated today and in twenty years’ time.