The co-existent of the Sun and the Moon liberates the true personalities of human souls. The Sun stands for existence since its cycle of rising and setting is persistent and repetitive. The Sun tends to express its power and radiance in front of everything relentlessly.  On the other hand,The Moon symbolizes to a sense of hidden motivationsand feelings. The characteristic of the Moon tends to hide its calm presence.Standingnext to each other, the Sun and the Moon reveal the personalities matching to the inhabitants who connect to it intuitively.

SUN&MOONare the first private luxury homes by TIME : SPACE. It has drawn whole experiences from its awarded architect to create such an iconic design.What is more, the houses also smartly contribute true well-being of the people who live in it. Standing tall and proud on the unique lots of the Bangkok downtown, the craftsmanship of these masterpieces recreates houses of personalities.

SUN is the house where projects a kind of extrovert personality of its people. With the living area stated at the forefront of the estate, SUNintentionally expresses how the uniqueness and spark of active life can be. It has 6 parking lots plus a gallery for another collectible vehicle revving up this estate to be a prime piece.

MOON is also special in its way of characteristics. Emphasizing the sense of security and stability, the living area of the houseis kept behind the well-designed on-ground garden and 20-meter- swimming pool. While Sun is showcasing the garage, Moonstrategically keep its collection room within the building to create exquisite vistas within the house.

Despite of their different personalities, SUN and MOONsharethe exact quality of noble materials and marvelous architectural design. When the site was initially found and figured its feasibilities, it was clear that 4 houses would have logically suited the land. Nevertheless, introspecting of being truly unique and treasured, TIME : SPACE ardently decided tocreate2 houses ofSUN and MOON. These houses long for a lifetime of true well-being that committed to the people. These are the house that reflects the essence of life and identity.