Sixty-years of tirelessness in pursuing a dream, Rossana has become the leading producer of high-end design kitchens. In 1953, visionary Italian entrepreneur, Fulvio Brembilla, started the journey of high-end kitchen. Then, 15 years later, Giancarlo Iliprandi designed the Rossana model which was so successful that it became the company’s name implying “kitchens of the heart”.  Rossana quests to craft kitchens using high quality materials and technology standards. Created to last, the design of Rossana is made with meticulous attention to details like haute couture becoming a tailor-made suit.   

The selection of materials is based on the significant requirements, stylistic perception and quality. Like ISØLA the latest collection by Carlo Colombo, materials of wood, steel, and marble are intersected and fully brought to life to create highly functional cooking areas with elegance. Being a rigid designed as a single block, ISØLA is also open to empty space so that it communicates with surrounding environment. The collection can blend into the rest of the furnishing scheme seamlessly.

Craftsmanship and industrial techniques are implemented to the production. Each model goes through the process of accurate configuration, cutting-edge, and quality control. Every detail is delicately designed to meet the needs of clients who appreciate kitchen as the piece of art in their residences.