Remaining faithful to its artisan spirit and its humanist values, Hermès has been creating functional and elegant objects since 1837. Originally,rooting in handcrafted saddlery, Hermès has become the legendary French leather handbags. Nowadays, Hermès has diversified its business and launched a home furniture line using only the finest materials. Its uniqueness famously stands the test of time.

Launched in 2011, the first set of homeware products was crafted by Antonio Citterio, Enzo Mari and RDAI Studio. The ergonomic furniture varies from luxury designed trays to elegant benches. Designed by an Italian architect and designer, Enzo Mari, Métiers collection thrives with simplicity and timelessness. The combination of high-quality materials and stunning details is profound. The thoughtful design also reflects in the harmony of the space. In neutral shades, the collection pervades the space creating a strong relationship with the residence.

The latest collection of Hermès in 2021 explores the language of materials. The highlight is the Sillaged’Hermès armchair which is composed of wooden structure with a cover of unprecedented blend of cellulose microfibers from Puglia, Italy. With delicate hand-painted straight lines, the luxurious armchair offers an intimate relationship with the material. This is the collection which resembles a playful yet minimalistic home decorations.

The key element of the process of the creation is to shape and put life into the object. Hermès home is the true celebration of a harmonious balance between the intrinsic qualities of the material and original expertise.