With the onset of Covid-19 pandemic, we are forced to spend more time at home. Consequently, we mostly expect home to help us live better lives. Activities in a house is not all about resting and spending quality time with family anymore, workplace and family has been reunited in one place. Hence, we look for living in surroundings that promote comfort, wellness, and productivity. And that is the time when smart home automation comes and stands in the limelight.

What is Smart Home Automation?

Smart home automation relates to any device, system, or appliances connecting to a network, supposedly to be independent and controlled from anywhere. Features of the right smart home technology helps our lives to experience piece of mind, comfort and convenience, feeling of well-being, and energy efficiency.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind happens when we feel secured and protected for ourselves and for people we care for. Wherever we are whether it is our working day in offices or on long vacation on half the world away, realizing that we can control our homes make us feel secured and safe. Via our smartphones or tablets, we can take controls of the house to activate security cameras, check concentration of CO2 in your baby room, or even lock doors to prevent burglars from stealing your belongings. Receiving security alerts on smart devices also get us react to the situation promptly causing us to feel safe from greater dangers. Consequently, you can live with piece of mind and worry-free.

Comfort and Convenient

It could be said that having smart home technology is like having a personal assistant (who does the things we forgot to do). The more convenience we get, the freer time to do whatever we look forwards to doing which could be spending quality time with your family, taking care of your partner, or have a quiet serene moment to yourself. After a long exhausting day, we probably want our home assistant to schedule an appointment to a doctor, order food, or create grocery lists that sync to our smartphones.


Sleeping is one of the most important aspects of our health since it determines our productivity in the next day. Restful sleep during entire night also increases our immunity system and implements our well-being. There are smart home gadgets that track our sleep patterns. Spotting abnormalities in our sleep, it is a part of sleeping improvement by scheduling. CO2 monitor is another smart device that helps us supervise unusual levels of carbon dioxide. Especially in bedroom, the device sends alerts to us so that we can refresh the air of the room to be purer with suitable level of oxygen. To be as germ-free as possible, there is a smart refrigerator that provides an hourly UV sanitizer to remove accumulating bacteria in the refrigerator’s water dispenser. Also, ultraviolet disinfection lighting can sanitize all surfaces to make us relieve from bacteria and viruses as much as possible.

Energy Efficiency

Exhibiting an eco-friendly mindset, modern house owners expect energy saving options to apply with their homes to help them conserve energy. Sometimes people can get so busy that they are unaware of excess energy usage, for examples, leaving the rooms with lights on or keeping on air conditioner running in unoccupied rooms. Thanks to smart home automation, it helps us waste energy lesser than before. Now, we have a programmable smart thermostat assisting us to learn our schedule, and then recommend the most effective energy settings for our houses. Also, smart lighting can automatically switch off when you leave the room. With the energy efficiency originated by smart home systems, people can feel more responsible and keep extra money to spend on something else that matter more for themselves.

At the age of the pandemic where people spend most of the time at their houses,smart home technology is helping people to become more convenient than ever before. Life is getting better in our own places, isn’t it what we all looking for?